Who are your top 3 favorite guitarists right now and why?

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  1. Marco Sfogli - Insane timing, melodic phrasing, and clear ability to dominate the guitar
  2. Jeff Loomis - Classical sound, heavy rhythm, and tight shreddery.
  3. Alexi Laiho - Bodom and Sinergy, nuff’ said. Has a style of his own and was always interesting to listen to.

Good list! On a random side note, I was listening to Sinergy two days ago while wiring my pickups. I still maintain while COB is Alexi’s best representation of who he is, Sinergy has his best guitar playing!

In no order, and definitely in the “right now” category (as in, not my favs of all time necessarily) and no repeats, but I do have to say a word about Laiho since he passed recently

Alexi Laiho - technically proficient and had oodles of style, made shred cool again

  1. Marty Friedman - incredibly unique player that sounds only like himself
  2. Björn Gelotte - For his crushing rhythms
  3. Matt Heafy - for Trivium being awesome and him changing the face of the industry with his livestreaming. Makes everyone else look lazy with the work he puts in.

I didn’t stick to shredders today. Anyone surprised!? I know you are Russ.

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Well played, Bjorn was on my shortlist because In Flames has a special place in my memories! Did you stick to the time limit?!

I did. That’s why it is such a “right now” list. I mean my most recent guitar purchases were Trivium and In Flames haha

  1. Julian Lage – best I’ve ever heard
  2. Bill Frisell – great sense of melody and dynamics
  3. Tim Lerch – stunning self-accompaniment old school style on a tele

Shows what I’ve been listening to lately! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks @Byron I like the variety of guitarists we are getting here. Frankly I have never heard of these guys before and I like their style!

Thanks @rpekrul! I didn’t know the guitarists on your list either, but looking forward to checking them out. I like all kinds of music and have really enjoyed prog metal, but lately I’m listening more to jazz and classic rock. Stuff like Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and More Fool Me from early 70s Genesis. I wish I could compose something so interesting and complex.

Check out Lage’s latest: https://youtu.be/Jx_CuxesjmU. I watched & listened in awe.

Byron introduced me to Julian Lage, the man that makes the word “smooth” look rough by comparison. His playing is dreamlike!