What was the first solo you heard that hooked you?

This is very easy for me. The 2nd solo in “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. David Gilmour was the reason I learned to play. Nobody can bend a string like him.

If you have time, watch the live version from
The pulse tour of it. Mid 90s. It’s in YouTube.

Honorable mention - Mark Knoppler (Dire Straits) Sultans of Swing.

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@Buck Welcome! You should link to those videos, would love to watch that. They will show up in the thread. David Gilmour definitely knew how to play to emotion.

For me, my early guitar career in Southern California was influenced heavily by pop punk, Creed, and 3 doors down type stuff. It wasn’t until college where I got heavy into solos. That’s where @ianbassett and @seanbassett got me into Metallicas kill em all and Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind. Seek and destroy, the four horseman, the trooper, etc…

Once I heard the combination of heavy and melodic and could play along, I was sold.

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Awesome! Thanks for the reply!!

Here is that link:

I was influenced by stuff that parents listened to. But as far as guitar goes, still to this day… David Gilmour is my number 1.

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This is NOT technically a “guitar solo” but a “single note” song Melody. In the mid 80s when I started playing guitar, my favorite 2 bands were U2 and R.E.M.(at that time both were ‘underground college radio’ outfits and improvised solos were “prog rock”) On U2’s 2nd album “october” I listened to and then learned as my first song on guitar single note melody of “Gloria”

I thought the “Single note melody” juxtaposed with singer singing over same melody verse was unique, and even though a difficult song for a beginner, this was 1st song I ever learned on guitar :slight_smile:


Good picks everyone!

I think the first “solo” I really connected with was really not even a solo, but one of Iron Maiden’s signature melodies. The energetic section of Afraid to Shoot Strangers was stuck in my head for months, and was one of the melodies that made me pick up the guitar.

It’s funny because the album Fear of The Dark is not considered one of Iron Maiden’s classics (except for the title track), but the melodies in this are so damn catchy it made me start researching their whole catalog.

Oh boy. How can I pick! Sean picked what actually got both of us, so I am going to take a different approach…

ALL of Kirk Hammett’s solos in Metallica. So I’m going to pick a solo that is my post-guitar teacher saying “you can’t just listen to one guitarists solos”

Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Tornado of Souls

This got me to open my ears to other guitar players that were NOT in Metallica!

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