Open DAW Project File Format

For the last several years I’ve worked in the open source software space where developers get to choose their tools and their art is showcased on a central host platform like GitHub, GitLab, etc…Their art is text based representations of machine instruction. Text, because we as humans understand text. The main tool used by software engineers is called a text editor. You can use an editor that suits your style to edit text and expect that the results will be compatible and consumable with the tools used by other programmers.

That is not the same for music development which remains a world where collaboration involves proprietary project file formats and larger audio and video files. Asynchronous and open musical collaboration has improved naturally as cloud computing and file storage has taken hold but is still hindered by manual sharing of file links and cross DAW incompatibility. This is why I think there needs to be an open project file format allowing artists to use their own choice of tools to create music while being able to collaborate with anyone on the internet.

I’ll be collecting some details on the major project file formats and see what can be done to work towards this. Would love to know what’s out there already or what others think.

@rpekrul this is SORELY needed. As we spoke about the other day, it’s really tough to share “projects” rather than audio files if you don’t have the same software. Let us know what you find! Let this nightmare end!

Agreed! I look forward to your findings good sir.

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