Expensive Guitars! Twin Brothers! Clickbait!

Hello Music Joynt Subscribers! Another video for you today, this time courtesy of Guitar Salon International.

To make a long story short, Sean and I were asked to perform at Guitar Salon International up in Santa Monica, California, for promotional and marketing support for their insanely high-end catalogue of guitars. We walked into our dressing room to discover 10 guitars (roughly between 7-10 grand each) to try out for the shoot. We shot 5 videos which will be rolling out over the next couple months or so. It was an absolute joy, like test driving cars that are out of your tax bracket.

Here is the first video!

Ian Bassett

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@seanbassett @ianbassett You guys killed it :skull_and_crossbones:, thanks for sharing!

@rpekrul @ianbassett

Of course, because this is The Music Joynt and we’re all about revealing how the sausage is made, we’ll do a full write up about the filming, audio mixing, and releasing process when working with other vendors. Spoiler alert: The GSI folks are really friendly, professional, and great to work with!

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