Electronic Drum Kits for Home Studio

So after writing the drum programming post, I realized that it would be awesome to have an electronic drum kit to trigger Superior Drummer 2. So I started looking around and checked out Guitar Center to see what they had on the floor. I pretty quickly realized that there is something at every budget and it really depends on what you want to do. My personal requirements for a set are:

  • Something that wouldn’t break the bank (I wanted to make sure I didn’t over-invest in something I couldn’t commit to) - ~$600 or less
  • Something that was capable of triggering sounds via the drum software I already had
  • Something that wasn’t flimsy and that would last awhile. I’d like this to be around in my home studio for a little bit.
  • Something that didn’t take up too much space
  • Something that could allow me to practice after the kids went to sleep
  • Mesh heads

From research, I quickly realized that the conversation comes down to Roland vs Alesis, with the former being the established industry standard for sound and build quality. Alesis however has recently put out some really competitive drum sets at affordable price points that make them super interesting.

This isn’t a review just a shortlist of kits I am considering after a decent amount of research and given the requirements I listed above.

  1. ~$379 - New - Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit
  2. ~$559 - New - Alesis Surge Mesh Kit
  3. ~$600-800 (Depending on your locality) - Used - Roland TD-11KV

Anyone with experience in these willing to share their thoughts?

@rpekrul I would love to know too!

OK so I went with the alesis nitro mesh and here is why.

It was cheap and justifiable while I prove to myself that I can stick to drums.

It was also easily compatible with the DAW software and mapped easily to superior drummer.

It is small (I’m 6’3") and a little flimsy…bbbuuuttt it’s what I could have expected at the price point. I think I will upgrade to a roland if I keep my practice up…so far so good!!!

Looking forward to seeing you upload video!

@rpekrul yes I want to see a video too!

Alright, here it is.

I’m a bigger guy so the kit is small for me but honestly does what I need it to do. At some point, if I am committed enough to improve my drum game I’ll upgrade. The biggest thing for me was to have something where I can record into the DAW with a natural feel and that would allow me to trigger higher quality samples. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine or be creative programming drums because you’re not just on the kit screwing around. Let me know what you think

@rpekrul Niiiiiice man! It sounds pretty cool! And for being a more bargain-kit it seems like there isn’t any lag or anything. Cool beats too!

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Love the ending

“That’s all you need…
…especially for us guitarists!”

Looks like a good setup for getting some drum action going. You know what you should do? Record something similar but have your audio being recorded separately. Then synchronize it with your video. Sounds like a pain, huh? Don’t worry I will volunteer to edit it together for you. I think it’ll give the viewers a more impressive look at your setup!

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